Happy Mother's Day

A Glorious Day for a Sail
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This year for Mother's Day we took my mom on the schooner Freedom. She has seen it sail since we moved here and every time she does she says, "I want to do that." So today...we did. It was a great day for a sail and the water was wonderful.

We ate at a little restaurant downtown afterward. It was good food and great service!

Overall a great Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in my know who you are!! Love ya!

P.S. Click on the pic for some views from the boat.


Invisible Children

I found out about Invisible Children a while back at a screening of this very movie at FSU. Three young guys go to Africa and discover a 23-year war in which a rebel leader kidnaps and enslaves young children and makes them fight in his war. They are taken from their homes at night and then forced to kill their friends in order to harden them for war. This is still going on and needs to be stopped! Go forth and be informed!!