Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Look at actual teacher! Welcome to the first day of second grade! I'll be your teacher, Ms. Cole. We are going to have a great year!........

Fast forward to the second week of school.....not so cheery anymore are we?!?! After three schedule changes and three seating arrangements, I think we are finally getting somewhere. We are doing actual work and not procedural fluff.

We do have some doozies in class but we are working forward. I just can't wait to do my full time teaching. Right now I'm doing a lot of observations and errands. I'm sure I'll have some great stories once I really get into it!

Playing Tourist

Me and a couple of friends spent Sunday at Pebble Hill Planation. The plantation is just over the Florida/Georgia line. We had a picnic and explored the house and the grounds. The whole compound was absolutely gorgeous! The main house was beautiful and we all wanted to move in immediately! They also had stables and a couple of the horses were out in the pasture. They were beautiful. A couple of them came right up to us! The whole time I was wondering if I could talk someone into letting me go for a ride! Next time! Click on the pic for more of Pebble Hill Plantation.