It's that time of the day! It's time for Gilmore Girls! For all of you non-Gilmore obsessed people out there who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, I'll explain. Everyday at 11am and 5pm, ABC Family shows an episode of Gilmore Girls. That's right, twice a day, it is truly amazing! I love this time of day. It's my guaranteed relaxation hour. I rarely have class or anything else going on at 5pm so it's perfect! I know that no matter what homework I am working on, at 5pm I can drop it and turn off my brain for an hour! It's my own little reward system.

In honor of this glorious hour, I have gathered some of my favorite Gilmoreisms for your pleasure!

Logan: Rory, you're special.
Rory: Like "stop-eating-the-paste" special?

Rory: What's with the carrots?
Lorelai: I was afraid you weren't eating well at school.
Rory: Ohhh.
Lorelai: Marshmallow?

[At the Yale-Harvard football game]
Lorelai: Oh, wait, are you Pennilyn Lott, my dad's college sweetheart?
Pennilyn Lott: Yes.
Lorelai: You're my almost-mommy.
Pennilyn Lott: Well, I supposed that's one way of putting it...
Lorelai: I'm so glad to finally meet you. Let me ask you something - would you have let me get a pony?

Richard: Focus, please.
Lorelai: I am a camera.

Luke: Get out, Taylor.
Taylor: Why?
Luke: It's just a code I live by.

Taylor: [Luke won't give out free coffee at the dance marathon] You would knock the crutch out from under Tiny Tim, wouldn't you?
Luke: If he asked for a free cup of coffee, Gimpy's goin' down.

Christopher: This town is like one big outpatient mental institution.

Luke: Rory's not here yet.
Lorelai: Then you'll have to entertain me until she arrives. Okay Burger boy, dance.
Luke: Will you marry me?
[Lorelai is taken aback]
Luke: Just looking for something to shut you up.

Luke: Ow.
Lorelai: Luke, are you okay?
Luke: Stupid box. Stupid lamp.
Lorelai: Hey Luke, are you being attacked by your possessions again?

Paris: I could really call you?
Lorelai: Anytime. Anywhere.
Paris: I'm gonna hold you to that.
Lorelai: Okay. It's not a threat, sweetie if someone makes the offer willingly.

Luke: [bringing their plates to the table] Hot plates.
Lorelai: [to Rory] See? He called me 'Hot Plates.' He so likes me.
Luke: [embarrassed] Geez...

Luke: Hey, Kirk, what's with the...?
Kirk: It's not a purse!
Luke: I wasn't going to say "purse". What's with the gay bag?

And the pièce de résistance...

Lorelai: I'm going to make out in the coatroom. Don't eat my chicken.
Rory: That's going on your tombstone.

Go forth and laugh!


What to do....what to do....

I have a dilemma. Not a big one in the grand scheme of things. It's not nearly on the level of say, world hunger or the state of the middle east, but it's my dilemma, my own little dilemma to try to work out. So here goes. Should I get a mac computer? Here's the story.

I knew my computer had been running low on space on the hard drive so I took a little peak at it yesterday. And what did I see, pray tell, but not even a sliver of pink on the wonderful pie graph that Windows so helpfully provides for me. The pink, a hopeful color, represents the amount of space left on my hard drive. I couldn't see this little sliver of hope as it had drowned in a sea of blue, used up space. I was awash in panic. No more room for music, no more room for pictures, no more room for documents! Whatever shall I do? Then the idea came to me, what a perfect excuse to get a mac! I've always wanted one and they are very pretty. And not to mention new, you all know the affinity I have towards new and shiny things. The curiosity took over and it was all downhill from there. So, I let my fingers do the walking and went on over to the apple store website and look what greeted me.

Look at it! Just look at it! Isn't it preeetttyyyy! So cute and fun! I want one! Doesn't everybody?

But then, I saw the price! OMG the price! That's almost all of my savings account. The savings account I have been building since high school. Are you kidding me?!?!

But then the voices start again. It's so pretty. And shiny. And new. And cute.

What to do....what to do.....

Sacrifice almost my entire savings account or just put some memory into my old reliable PC? Join the Apple world or stay in the PC world?

We shall see. Either way, I need more space. How else am I supposed to single handily swindle the music industry out of thousands of dollars a year by illegally downloading music if I have no where to put that music? The world would end as I know it.


Look at this beauty....

I am currently bidding on this lovely vintage Lady Buxton jewelry case. I saw it on eBay and had to have it. First of all I love that it's vintage and second, I love that it's gold. It will match my travel toiletry case perfectly. It has all the storage I could possibly need. I am already in love with it so a death match may occur between me and anyone that tries to steal this beauty away from me. The auction ends in 5 days...wish me luck!

The Plan

I just realized that I never really explained the graduate school plan that I overly organized in the last post. Silly me. You're probably wondering, what graduate school program for Education lasts from 2009 to 2013? I'll tell you which one does. The Peace Corps International Master's. I'll give you the rundown. One year of classes in one of two majors; middle or secondary education (math, science, or english) or international education development. Since I can't even really stand fifth graders, I'm thinking middle or secondary education is not for me. Just a hunch.

After I finish that one year of classes I enter the Peace Corps. For 27 months. Count 'em, 27. I will more than likely be sent to either Eastern Europe or Africa. Crossing my fingers for Africa.

27 months later I will re-enter graduate school and finish up. You know, all that thesis stuff. Blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and did I mention I'm taking 6 months off before I do any of this.

Hence the four year time line.

An Organization Frenzy

*Originally posted before the great blog deletion of 2009.*

I am in an organization frenzy!

It all started when me and my mom were in the midst of one of our daily e-mail conversations. We started talking about graduate school and all the plans that go with that. I thought I had it all planned out but I realized that it wasn't as planned out as I would have liked it. So, what did I do you ask? I made a time line. Now, here is where my organizational OCD comes into play. I made the mother of all time lines. This time line starts in August 2009 and does not end until Fall of 2013. This time line is a month-by-month breakdown of my life. I put every date you could possible put on it. I have internship dates, I have scholarship dates, I even have dates to remind me to look for the scholarship paperwork online to begin with. Now, some of you are probably saying to yourself right now, she needs help. Some of you may even be picking up your phone right now and dialing your favorite shrink. Let me assure you, this is becoming normal for me. As I like to say, it's just how I roll.

Oh, and, might I add that these fits of orgnaization do not last only a fwe hours or a few days. Oh no, they last a week, may be even two weeks.

Today I was doing laundry and I looked at my closet and I couldn't stand it one. more. second. What did I do, I organized it too. First my life, then my closet. Makes sense to me. How did I organize my closet you ask? Well, the same way anyother organization obsessed person might; jackets, tops, bottoms, and dresses. Harmless right. Brace yourselves. I didn't stop at jus those four categories, I made sub-categories! Now for this I am really proud of myself so no laughing or eye-rolling. The jackets go from longsleeve, to three-quarte length, to shortsleeve, as do the tops. The bootoms go from jeans, to dress pants, to capris, to skirts. The dressese go from three-quarter length sleeve, to shortsleeved, to sleevless. This is all, of course, form left to right; the same way we read.

May I provide you with a picture of my stellar organizational skills (or hysteria).

After that, I happened to glance over and see the door handle that holds all my jewelry.

I was just as disgusted with it as I was with my closet before I unleashed my amazing organizational skills on it. So much so that I sat right down at my computer to look for an appropriate organizational tool. And guess what I found, a website made especially for people in the midst of organizational hysteria. Amazing!

I organized my top desk drawer but I am still unhappy with it. I don't have the correct organizational products to deal with it. I'll leave that for another fit.

Now that I think about it, I could sort each category of clothes by color too!

My Fifth Graders

*Originally posted before the great blog deletion of 2009.*

My time in Fifth grade ended on Friday. It was bittersweet. I enjoyed most of my students but some I just couldn't handle. At times there were the most disrespectful kids I had ever met. I feel like such an old lady when I say this but kids today are different. I remember being in elementary school and any adult that was in the room was respected just as much as the teacher. I just don't understand some of the kids.

And their parents...ugh....useless. One of the kids did not come home from school and did not tell her mother that she was staying over at a friend's house and the parents never noticed that she wasn't in the house and that she didn't come home from school that day. How can that happen?!?!?! Because of absentee parents, discipline becomes a separate challenge. You don't have the threat of parents anymore.

Probably one of my greatest achievements was one of my reading lesson plans. We read a play about a girl that wakes up with spots and then can transform into different patterns. So, we talked about how different people pictured different things in their head about the character. We also talked about how more details would have helped us all to have the same picture in our heads.

The next day the kids did "Monster Writing". Each student drew a monster and then wrote a description. I told them to make their description as detailed as possible but did not tell them why. When they were done writing, I had them switch their descriptions with another student and that student had to draw the monster described as best as they could. They had a great time and it made a great bulletin board! I put up all the kids' pictures along with their descriptions and their partners' drawings. All the other classes loved seeing all the drawings and reading the descriptions.


While I was trying to clean up all the google accounts I had accumulated I accidentally deleted my entire blog! I am freaking out right now! OMG!!!

I am really annoyed with myself and mad that I lost all those memories from London and of college dating all the way back to freshman year!! Ugh!!!

On the bright side...high school had been over for a long while so I guess it was time for a fresh start anyway. This blog is going to be called Delaying the Real World as that is my goal for the next 4 years of my life.