In a few weeks I am moving back to Tallahassee for graduate school.
This means that I need to decorate my room!
I love decorating but I'm really bad about making decisions and visualizing.

I already bought my furniture.
It is a simple, white, wood bed with matching white night stands and white desk and chair.
It is on the cusp of shabby chic without the sanding. 
I love the simplicity of white and the versatility that it can provide.

I am now in search of bedding.

I think I have narrowed it down to three choices.

This is from Target in the Liberty of London Collection.
I enjoy the whimsical-ness of this I just don't know about the orange.

Another option is

This is also from Target in the Dwell Studio Collection.
This is my favorite. I love the flower patterns and I think it will look great with white furniture.

My last choice is

This is from Pottery Barn and it is on sale.
I don't know about the pattern. Is it too busy? It is bright which I like.

And to throw more options in the mix I bought this wall decal to put in the room.

Talk amongst yourselves :)


heart break

We found Sophie! 
She is now safe and sound!

I came home last night and my dog is missing.

I am heartbroken.


it's the little things in life

It's been crazy at work lately (we are down a staff member), I'm going to the gym everyday (yay me!), and I'm trying to prepare for grad. school. 
Needless to say, I look forward to any funny or stressless moment I can come across.

There are a few things that have put a smile on my face lately.

1. This new Kia commercial.

Rapping hamsters get me everytime!

2. The new fruit smoothies at McDonald's.

The wild berry flavor is especially good!

Love her. Love this.

Hope ya'll have less going on than me! 


leavin' on a jet plane

I got sucked into a marathon of The City tonight.

NYC is neck and neck with London as my favorite city on Earth.
The fact that you can do anything you want, anytime you want is amazing!

The marathon got me excited about my VACATION IN NYC that is coming up in less than a month!

One of my greatest friends moved up there after college and I couldn't wait to go and visit her. 
I'll be there for a week which is soooooo exciting!

Instead of staying in a hotel, I rented this beautiful apartment for the week.

I found this rental on
They have great apartments all over the city and they have great rates. 
This apartment was actually less than a three star hotel and it's four blocks from Times Square!  

I 've been to NYC a few times before so I am looking forward to having a (new) native New Yorker with me. I want to do all the non-touristy things. 

I want to do this

I also want to explore the other side of this bridge!

I am so excited about this trip! So much so that I am counting down like a small chid. 

Do you guys have a favorite sight in NYC? I am totally up for suggestions! 


Born on the 4th of july

The 4th of July got rained our here in my little corner of Florida.
It rained for the entire long weekend which put the brakes on a lot of celebrations and some of the fireworks got rained out.

But....the rain did not stop me from seeing REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar in concert!!

I love me some classic rock, being my parent's daughter and all. 
I was raised on the stuff and boy am I thankful for it! 
They both put on a great show!

(I unfortunately had no idea that my camera was dead when I got there. :( Pictures courtesy of 

Rockin' with the Wagon!

She's still got it!