missing you...five years later

We miss... 

your smile.
your laugh.
your voice.
your ever changing hair color.
your crazy stories.
your attitude, even when it was bad.
you being able to see your children.
you seeing Tristan's smile.
you seeing Alexa dance.
you at school plays.
you at the family parties.
you at Thanksgiving.
you at Christmas.
you at birthdays.
seeing you these last five years.

We know you can see us from wherever you are. 
We can feel you on special days.
You let us know you are here in your own special way. 

We miss a lot of things about you.
But, put simply, we miss you Kierra.


Friday Funny

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

It's Friday! That means it's time for the Friday Funny! 
To play along, head on over to Keeping up with Kelly and Co..

This came up on my iPod yesterday and I was literally laughing out loud and singing at the same time. Hard to do but definitely possible! 

Enjoy Adam Sandler and the amazingness of Lunch Lady Land!