I have an addiction

"Hi. I'm Savannah and I'm addicted to Coach." "Hi Savannah", the group replies.

That is what it would sound like if I joined Coach Buyers Anonymous. Or if there was such an organization for that matter. I am addicted to Coach purses and I'm not ashamed. I absolutely love them and they love me! We have a very good relationship. I bought my first Coach purse in high school. It was my first big purchase. I fell in love that day in the Coach store and I haven't looked back since. I now have 4 bags, 1 wristlet, a pair of sneakers, an iPod case, and a key chain. That's right, I love everything Coach, not just the bags. But, their bags were my first love. You never get over your first love.

Some of you are probably thinking that I must be made of money or that I am a spoiled little rich girl. Well, I am not made of money but I must admit I am a little bit spoiled. My grandmother enjoys buying me presents, including Coach purses.

But, if I buy Coach for myself I never pay full price! That's right, I am a bargain hunter. I love shopping and finding bargains, it's a game to me and I consider it a hobby. If I am going to buy a Coach purse I only go to the outlet store. I am lucky enough to have one about 10 minutes from my house. But, if I see something that I like at the outlet store, I might not even buy it then. Although, I have to muster up all my self-control to walk away. I note what the purse looks like and maybe even get it's name and then I go on eBay, that's when the magic happens! I put in a bid to test the waters and see if any of the other bidders are paying attention to the auction. If someone outbids me then I wait until the last minutes of the auction and I go in for the kill. I told you I was a bargain hunter! I place my bid in time to win the auction but I don't leave enough time for the other bidders to outbid me!

The fruits of war are plentiful and supple. For example, check out this beauty that just arrived in the mail.

And to prove my point even further, this is what I am currently bidding on.
I told you, I have a problem. And this new job and a steady paycheck aren't helping anything. But, isn't the first step admitting you have a problem? There, I admitted it. I'd be happy if recovery went no further. 

Until next time, love, your favorite Coach addicted blogger.


puttin' on the ritz

Last Sunday my dad and I went to a car show. Please stick with me here, I know the words "car show" have already lost some of you.

I am genuinely interested in antique cars, all cars for that matter. My dad of course is into cars as well so it is something fun that we can do together. This car show, though, is the mother of all car shows. It even has an important sounding, snooty name: The Concours d'Elegance. It's held on the golf course of the Ritz-Carlton to boot! Swanky, huh? The cars were beautiful but this show tends to make you feel like you are the hired help out with the family for the day. "Yes master, that is a beautiful automobile."

This show is for the major antique cars. We're talking Model-T's, Model-A's, etc. Fully restored and gorgeous! The majority of the show consists of cars that were built before 1940.

Here are some rides to drool over!

Yes, this car is made of Peruvian maple wood. Thanks for asking.

Classy yellow!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!!!!

My most favorite part of this particular car show are the hood ornaments. They are absolutely to die for! Masterpieces!

Hope you weren't too bored out there. We now go back to our regularly scheduled programming.


quick review

Here is a quick review of my life lately:

1. The new job is going well. Although, this is the first job I've had in a while, read that as close to my whole life. Therefore, I am always tired, stupid 7:30am wake up :(

2. I did however go to the gym yesterday after work. Savannah - 1    Laziness - 0

3. I was accepted into graduate school at Florida State!! Yeah!!! Socicultural and International Development Education Studies here I come! Super important sounding huh? Not really, it's just an excuse for me to spend two years in the Peace Corps and get credit for it.

4. I have been really getting into couponing lately.  I may have been a soccer mom in a previous life. But, it's like a hunt, just like how shopping is for me! For example, this week at Walgreen's, Purex laundry detergent was BOGO (buy one get one for all those non-shopaholics). And, there was a coupon in the paper for BOGO Purex detergent. Yep, that means I got two bottles of Purex for free!!! Well almost, I did have to pay tax. Guess what, I have another one of those coupons and I plan on taking advantage of the deal tomorrow when I go to my other Walgreen's and score two more free bottles of laundry detergent! In your face corporate america!!!

5. On the couponing front, I started reading a great blog! Totally a word...amazing! It's all the great Target deals we all love in one convenient place. Clearance, ads with coupon match-ups, price cuts, surprise deals, etc. What more could you ask for?!?! A personal shopper you say, well that would probably negate the money you would be saving. I know, me, always with the details.