I made it!

Well.....I finally made it!

I'm in China!

After two days (ish) in Chicago, all 83 (ish) volunteers boarded our 13 hour flight to Beijing. After some confusion and some rushing through the airport, we made it on to our flight to Chengdu, just barely.

At the moment we are in a pretty nice hotel in Chengdu. We go to sessions from 9a-3p everyday, including an hour and a half of Mandarin lessons. My Chinese name is Wàng Lèlè (pronounced W-ah-ng Luh-luh), meaning joyful and optimistic. I'm not so sure this fits but maybe I can grow into it.

So far I haven't had any food I didn't like. I am super relieved by this as I tend to be very picky about the food I eat. Mom, you would be proud to know that I have at least tried everything that has been put in front of me. Even tofu, which after eating it, was reminded of why I'm not a fan.

Tomorrow we will get our training site assignments. This is where we will be for the next two months while we continue to learn Mandarin and live with a host family. We move there the next day, Tuesday. Nothing like jumping in feet first! Living with a host family is what I am most nervous about. 

So....hopefully I'll have a chance to update tomorrow with some info. about my home for the next two months. Until next time, zài jiàn, or goodbye!

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Encourage Hope said...

HAHA at your Chinese name "Wang LeLe" I think it fits you perfectly! ;) I cant wait to hear more! We miss ya in the states! I am super proud of you eating all the food! You got this Savvy C!