Another edition of Kidisms!!!!!

So....this week our reading unit's theme is "Let's Explore". A week long project for the kids is to explore their yard or neighborhood and find nature related items to bring in and share. One of our students made a great little shadow box with some nature related items in it. It is really cute and really well done. Everything is labeled and all! Yesterday, her mother came for the report card conference. As she was walking out the door we complimented the shadow box that her daughter brought in. As we were all looking at it, the centipede that she had glued in started to move!!! His little antennas started to go back and forth. She said they found it in their pool and there was no way it could be alive....apparently it is! Today, the kids noticed! Luckily, I was able to compare it to a lizard's tail that wiggles after you cut it off. I played it off as nerves and that the centipede is dead. The kids bough it! After school today me and my teacher were checking it out and it was still moving and now it's legs are moving! How long could this centipede possibly live?!?! So I have a possibly dead centipede glued into a shadow box in my that anything like a possibly dead Sheriff Dullard?

One of my students said the sweetest thing to me today. After working with his reading group, as he was cleaning up his space, he turned to me and said, "Thank you for teaching us Ms. Cole." How sweet! That really made me feel like a true teacher. :)

Have a good rest of the week!

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sarah said...

it sounds like "weekend at bernies" for that centipede!