Oh the things I will do for my kids!

In our new politically correct world, many elementary students aren't allowed to wear the typical Halloween costumes to school. At the school I'm at now, the word Halloween can't be seen anywhere! No ghosts, no witches, no bats, no anything that might offend a soccer mom.

Come on people!

What has the world come to when a parent can't go out and buy a cheap costume at Wal-Mart and send their kid off to school dressed as the grim reaper, complete with realistic looking sickle? Isn't that just want we want, a school full of kindergartners wielding fake, plastic symbols of death?

Because the powers that be have ruled that kids can't wear what they really want to wear to school for Halloween, the have to dress up as a book character. A book character, really? We all know that deep down in their heart of hearts they want to be Freddy Krueger, Jason, or at least a ninja with plastic nunchucks! Okay, maybe they don't want to be a serial killer but they certainly don't want to be a tame book character. On top of having to wear a not so cool costume, they have to write a book report! So, not only did our American school system manage to suck the scary and fun element out of Halloween at school, they made it an academic holiday too!

In the spirit of the watered down version that is imposed on us by the school system, I present for your consideration my costume for Book Character Dress Up Day.

Ms. Frizzle is in the house! Who knew that cutting out individual lizards from some fabric I found would be so tedious! You are looking at two nights of hard labor, all so half of them could call me the lizard lady. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

But in all seriousness, my kids liked my costume and I even got a few compliments from other teachers. All in a day's work for a second grade teacher.

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