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I have recently been devouring books. This isn't really out of the ordinary. I read about 6 books last summer. What can I say, I've always loved reading. Hence, my career choice of an elementary school teacher.

I finished two books last week.

One: The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  It was a good book, although I'm still unsure as to whether I liked it or not. I spent the first few chapters very confused and feeling like I had no idea what was going on. The story is actually two stories that intertwine. One is of a twelve-year-old, upper class, Parisian girl living in a very nice apartment building. She is searching for beauty and purpose in her life and has set her mind on committing suicide. The other story is of the concierge of the apartment building. She is secretly a very worldly person. She hides her intelligence and worldly hobbies from the tenants because she thinks she needs to keep with the idea that concierges are simply there to serve the tenants and should not be knowledgeable about upper class topics. These two characters eventually meet and become fast friends. They each find what they are looking for in life, but in a most peculiar way.  

Two: Wench. I was so into this book I finished it in two days! I found out about it from O Magazine. Wench is the story of four woman slaves who only see each other during the summer when their masters take them on vacation in the North, free country. The book delves into the relationships the women have with their masters, most are forced to have their master's children. It also explores the relationship the slaves have with each other and what they are willing to do for each other and their children. The book provides great insight into why a slave would not run while in the free territory of the northern United States. The most interesting part is the way the masters interact with and think of the children they have with their slave mistresses. A great, and interesting read, I highly recommend it.  

Check out the sidebar to see what I am currently reading: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. 

In other exciting news.....I GOT A JOB!!!! I am the administrative assistant at a local home health agency. It's not a teaching position which would be ideal considering I do have a degree in elementary education. But, it's a job and it will get me out of my house and stop me from going absolutely bonkers! I start tomorrow and am very excited for someone who will be leaving behind her life of leisure and the ability to sleep until noon. 

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