Spring has Sprung

Yesterday I did a little shopping with my mom. It was finally feeling like spring here in North Florida so I had to break out the skirt and flip flops. What no rain? What no crazy wind that makes it feel like its 30 degrees outside? Nope, just a blue sky and a high of 65 degrees. Lovely, simply lovely!

I had a handy dandy gift card from a return so I decided to stop by American Eagle to see what was new on clearance. Now, usually I never buy anything at AE unless it is on clearance. But, I just couldn't resist this cutie of a sun dress!

It looks so cute on! I pair it with a cute cropped denim jacket and some sandals and I am a walking celebration of spring! 

I also picked up this cute little t-shirt. I love wearing t-shirts that have a little interest, you look more put together that way I think.

What spring looks have caught your eye?


Sarah said...

LOVE that dress! I hope they still have it when I can start shopping again after Lent!

Also, I am completely jealous of your warm weather. 65 sounds downright HOT to me right now. Heck, I'd take 50!

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Savannah said...

It'll probably be on clearance by then...lucky!