It's my birthday and i'll shop if I want to

Wednesday was my birthday. Or, as I like to think of it, the day the Earth was graced with my presence.   What? You've never heard of it?

Anyway, there was a perfect storm of obstacles that kept me from celebrating my birthday on my actual birthday. One, I have a job, and I didn't get off of work until 5pm the entire week. Two, my mom has been sick for a week, as have I. Three, my dog has been really sick all week, he's just starting to get better. And four, my dad worked all night the night before and was therefore falling asleep at 6pm because of it. So, today I celebrated my birthday!

I went shopping. This is my absolute most favorite hobby! I consider it a hobby because that's how much time I spend doing it. And because I'm a deal hunter. It's a game.

My parents were awesome and bought me a new stereo for my car. My poor stereo in my Jetta is kind of falling apart. There is no direct plug-in for my iPod so I use one of those cassette tape player adapter thingys. But, for some reason when I play my iPod through my care stereo it only likes to play out of the left side speakers. So, I have to fix the balance until its just right because I'm OCD like that and it has to be even. Also, the buttons that control the balance, the fade, the base, and other sound do-hickeys all have their knobs falling off. Every time you try to change any of these things the knobs fall off in your hand. One poor little knob got vacuumed up. My radio has served me well but it is time it take an early retirement. It shall be replaced by this beauty.

If you notice it glows purple. That's not the only color it can be either! That's the main reason I ended up choosing this one. And I'm sure the sales person at Best Buy thought that my decision to get this one based on the fact that it had "pretty colors" was a thoughtful one. I think so. But, the best laid plans seldom go as planned. It turns out that they didn't have a part they needed to place my thoughtfully researched choice of radio in my car. So, they had to order it which means I can't get my new radio installed until next weekend. This gives me time to say goodbye to my trusty old radio.

After sharing my amazing electronics knowledge with the people at Best Buy, my mom and I headed to the mall.  My mom got an a.m.a.z.i.n.g deal at New York & Company. Two skirts marked from $24.99 down to $7.99 and a "leather" jacket that was 70% off. 

Yeah. Well. I didn't fair as well. I gave in to my weakness, The Gap. Love it, love it, love it.

First up are these shorts:

I paid way more than anyone should ever pay for denim shorts. 

But look how cute the embroidery is!

I also found these dressy jeans on clearance.

They are perfect for Jean Friday at work.

This cute flower applique t-shirt also came home to live with me.

Hope ya'll had a great Saturday too!