the rundown

So I've been extremely lazy lately, especially on the blogging front. I will now continue that laziness and share with you a list of what has happened lately.

1. We got a new puppy, Sadie. Her name was originally Patsy, but we are not the most country music inclined family. Then her name was Bodie, short for Bodacious, but we couldn't remember that she was a girl with that name. She is settling in well, only a few accidents while she gets the hang of the doggie doors. But with this face, how can you get mad at her?

2. My other dog, Jake, is sick. He has doggie pneumonia and is coughing like crazy. We took him to the vet yesterday and the poor guy had to have an IV for antibiotics. He has to be confined and kept calm so he now resides in a laundry basket on the couch next to me. But again, how can you resist the face?

3. I did not get the job in London so it looks like it will be grad. school in the Fall for me. Back to Tally I go. Now I just have to find an apartment, my days of living on campus are over!

4. I have become obsessed with researching my family history. No one in my family has every really known much about where we all come from. My inspiration was a new show on NBC Who Do You Think You Are?. The show consists of celebrities researching their family history. Sarah Jessica Parker learned that she had a family member that was in the Salem Witch Trials, Lisa Kudrow found a long lost relative her family believed was dead, and Matthew Broderick found out someone in his family was in the Civil War.  I'm using and it is super easy. They have a 14-day trial offer going right now. Check it out and see what you can find. I already found the ship manifest that shows my great-great-great grandfather immigrating from France. How cool! I know, I'm a big, family history obsessed, nerd.

5. After my post about my addiction to Coach, I won that second purse and my grandmother sent me a Coach gift card for my birthday. My mom called her an enabler. She may be an enabler, but she's my favorite enabler! 

6. My birthday is next week. I will be 22 and I have yet to decide what I will do to celebrate the occasion. I'm not big on celebrating birthdays, especially since this one falls in the middle of the week. I'm thinking I'm going to spend next weekend shopping and getting pampered: mani-pedi and a haircut. 

I will now continue to sit on the couch in my pj's and watch 90's sitcom re-runs. 

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Megan said...

Sadie is adorable, and yay for a Coach gift card!