In a few weeks I am moving back to Tallahassee for graduate school.
This means that I need to decorate my room!
I love decorating but I'm really bad about making decisions and visualizing.

I already bought my furniture.
It is a simple, white, wood bed with matching white night stands and white desk and chair.
It is on the cusp of shabby chic without the sanding. 
I love the simplicity of white and the versatility that it can provide.

I am now in search of bedding.

I think I have narrowed it down to three choices.

This is from Target in the Liberty of London Collection.
I enjoy the whimsical-ness of this I just don't know about the orange.

Another option is

This is also from Target in the Dwell Studio Collection.
This is my favorite. I love the flower patterns and I think it will look great with white furniture.

My last choice is

This is from Pottery Barn and it is on sale.
I don't know about the pattern. Is it too busy? It is bright which I like.

And to throw more options in the mix I bought this wall decal to put in the room.

Talk amongst yourselves :)


ALR said...

I love the third bedding!

a.e.bart said...

Bedding choice #3, definitely!