leavin' on a jet plane

I got sucked into a marathon of The City tonight.

NYC is neck and neck with London as my favorite city on Earth.
The fact that you can do anything you want, anytime you want is amazing!

The marathon got me excited about my VACATION IN NYC that is coming up in less than a month!

One of my greatest friends moved up there after college and I couldn't wait to go and visit her. 
I'll be there for a week which is soooooo exciting!

Instead of staying in a hotel, I rented this beautiful apartment for the week.

I found this rental on
They have great apartments all over the city and they have great rates. 
This apartment was actually less than a three star hotel and it's four blocks from Times Square!  

I 've been to NYC a few times before so I am looking forward to having a (new) native New Yorker with me. I want to do all the non-touristy things. 

I want to do this

I also want to explore the other side of this bridge!

I am so excited about this trip! So much so that I am counting down like a small chid. 

Do you guys have a favorite sight in NYC? I am totally up for suggestions! 


Anonymous said...

That apartment looks so cool! I'm so jealous! I guess I'm kind of boring, because my favorite sight/place is 5th avenue (read: Tiffany's/Central Park). I'm all about the touristy things--five trips to NYC and I still love the touristy things. I've heard there's some neat stuff over across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Oh, and eat at John's Pizzeria. The one on Bleecker is the one all the celebs go to, but the one in Times Square is in an old church. It has stained glass windows and murals on the walls--really cool--and the pizza is the best.

Kristin said...

What a great idea. Totally noting this for my next NYC trip!!

Kai said...

This is fantastic! I was just in NYC recently myself with a New Yorker. I didn't consider doing any of the things you want to. How great you are so adventurous and know how to travel just right.