My Fifth Graders

*Originally posted before the great blog deletion of 2009.*

My time in Fifth grade ended on Friday. It was bittersweet. I enjoyed most of my students but some I just couldn't handle. At times there were the most disrespectful kids I had ever met. I feel like such an old lady when I say this but kids today are different. I remember being in elementary school and any adult that was in the room was respected just as much as the teacher. I just don't understand some of the kids.

And their parents...ugh....useless. One of the kids did not come home from school and did not tell her mother that she was staying over at a friend's house and the parents never noticed that she wasn't in the house and that she didn't come home from school that day. How can that happen?!?!?! Because of absentee parents, discipline becomes a separate challenge. You don't have the threat of parents anymore.

Probably one of my greatest achievements was one of my reading lesson plans. We read a play about a girl that wakes up with spots and then can transform into different patterns. So, we talked about how different people pictured different things in their head about the character. We also talked about how more details would have helped us all to have the same picture in our heads.

The next day the kids did "Monster Writing". Each student drew a monster and then wrote a description. I told them to make their description as detailed as possible but did not tell them why. When they were done writing, I had them switch their descriptions with another student and that student had to draw the monster described as best as they could. They had a great time and it made a great bulletin board! I put up all the kids' pictures along with their descriptions and their partners' drawings. All the other classes loved seeing all the drawings and reading the descriptions.

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