What to do....what to do....

I have a dilemma. Not a big one in the grand scheme of things. It's not nearly on the level of say, world hunger or the state of the middle east, but it's my dilemma, my own little dilemma to try to work out. So here goes. Should I get a mac computer? Here's the story.

I knew my computer had been running low on space on the hard drive so I took a little peak at it yesterday. And what did I see, pray tell, but not even a sliver of pink on the wonderful pie graph that Windows so helpfully provides for me. The pink, a hopeful color, represents the amount of space left on my hard drive. I couldn't see this little sliver of hope as it had drowned in a sea of blue, used up space. I was awash in panic. No more room for music, no more room for pictures, no more room for documents! Whatever shall I do? Then the idea came to me, what a perfect excuse to get a mac! I've always wanted one and they are very pretty. And not to mention new, you all know the affinity I have towards new and shiny things. The curiosity took over and it was all downhill from there. So, I let my fingers do the walking and went on over to the apple store website and look what greeted me.

Look at it! Just look at it! Isn't it preeetttyyyy! So cute and fun! I want one! Doesn't everybody?

But then, I saw the price! OMG the price! That's almost all of my savings account. The savings account I have been building since high school. Are you kidding me?!?!

But then the voices start again. It's so pretty. And shiny. And new. And cute.

What to do....what to do.....

Sacrifice almost my entire savings account or just put some memory into my old reliable PC? Join the Apple world or stay in the PC world?

We shall see. Either way, I need more space. How else am I supposed to single handily swindle the music industry out of thousands of dollars a year by illegally downloading music if I have no where to put that music? The world would end as I know it.


sarah said...


no seriously, obvi i am biased, but my pc died and i had the option of new mac or another pc. the mac is SO much faster, won't get viruses, way cuter, runs microsoft office, the platform is much more usable. i honestly will never go back to a pc. my opinion.

Mari-jane said...

The Mom in me says just get a sperate hard drive. We got one for Chad. It was less than $100 for the one with the most memory available.
BUT.. the shopper in me the pretty shiny new one!! Not much help am I?

Anonymous said...

IM not the best, to advice, but my sister has one, it's nice, Get it! but then you have to rebuild