saving some mula

I've been hearing about this whole couponing thing for a while now and I decided to try my hand at it. It seemed like a lot of work. To be honest I thought I was going to spend hours hunched over with my fingers stuffed into a pair of scissors cutting out every coupon I could find. The truth is it wasn't like that at all. I decided to take a trial run and it worked out fabulously! I got $70 worth of groceries for $38.70! Nice!

The Loot:

2x NY Texas Toast
2x Ruffles Chips
2x Oral B Toothbrush
2x Dove Deodorant
1 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Publix Whipped Butter
1 Lays Dip
2x Kraft Dressing
2x Orville Popcorn
2x Johnsanville Brats
2x Redbaron Singles Pizza
2x Barilla Pasta

Vendor Coupon Savings: $5.60
Advertised Special Savings: $24.23
Advantage Buy Savings: $1.98

I saved $31.81!!!!!

Total price paid: $38.70 (including tax)

I shop at Publix...I heart Publix! Basically the rule is: take advantage of Buy One Get One and then use two coupons, technically you are buying two. For example, the NY Texas Toast. They were buy one get one (BOGO) plus I had two .50 cents off coupons. So, they started at $3.29 a piece. I got two at buy one get one so two were $3.29. Minus my two coupons ($1.00), that means that two boxes of NY Texas Toast was $2.29!! How exciting!!

I got my training at Frugal Fun and Fortune.

It sounds daunting when you first read her instructions but it's not. The main idea is you take advantage of the sales and stack coupons on top of them. You then stock up your pantry and fridge so you don't have to buy any more for a while. Each week you buy less and less groceries because you stockpiled when things were on sale. The moral of the story is this: buy it now when it's on sale rather than having to buy it later when it's not.

Happy couponing!

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