puttin' on the ritz

Last Sunday my dad and I went to a car show. Please stick with me here, I know the words "car show" have already lost some of you.

I am genuinely interested in antique cars, all cars for that matter. My dad of course is into cars as well so it is something fun that we can do together. This car show, though, is the mother of all car shows. It even has an important sounding, snooty name: The Concours d'Elegance. It's held on the golf course of the Ritz-Carlton to boot! Swanky, huh? The cars were beautiful but this show tends to make you feel like you are the hired help out with the family for the day. "Yes master, that is a beautiful automobile."

This show is for the major antique cars. We're talking Model-T's, Model-A's, etc. Fully restored and gorgeous! The majority of the show consists of cars that were built before 1940.

Here are some rides to drool over!

Yes, this car is made of Peruvian maple wood. Thanks for asking.

Classy yellow!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!!!!

My most favorite part of this particular car show are the hood ornaments. They are absolutely to die for! Masterpieces!

Hope you weren't too bored out there. We now go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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