No Sleep Till Ireland

On Monday I will be getting on a plane and heading to the wonderful country of Ireland for the week!

My parents and I will be renting a car in Dublin and immediately heading out on our 7 day road trip! 

When my mom asked where I wanted to go on our last family vacation before China she was expecting me to say Disney World or Universal or maybe a cruise. She was not expecting Ireland!

Ever since I spent a semester in London during undergrad I've wanted to go back! And as soon as possible! Well it's only taken me 4 years but it's finally happening!

When my mom gave me a budget to stay within she didn't realize she was giving me a challenge. I was determined to prove that we could spend a week in Ireland on the budget she gave me. I have spent hours planning, researching, and pricing flights, B&Bs, and hotels. I made an excel spreadsheet and even went as far as including the projected gas costs for the week plus 25% to account for rising gas prices. 
Yeah, I'm just a little OCD!

We are planning on going to Kilkenny, Killarney, Galway, and ending in Dublin. Of course we are going to see all the sites: Rock of Cashel, pubs, Cliffs of Moher, pubs, Guinness Storehouse, pubs, etc. You get the picture.....maybe a little less pubs....maybe :)

So, if any of you out there have any suggestions or things we absolutely cannot miss I want to hear it!

Now I just have to get through the last few days of work and move out of my house in Tallahassee and I'll be on my way!

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Anonymous said...

The Guiness Factory is great--really interesting and lots of good samples.
The Jameson Factory is a waste of time and money--boring tour, hardly anything to sample (you might recall Will and I touting it as the best ginger ale we'd ever had, too bad there wasn't any whiskey to go with it!).
As for Dublin: St. Stephen's Square, Trinity, and St. Patrick's Cathedral are all must see's.

Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures so I can visit vicariously through you and your family!! :o)