You scream, I scream, We all scream for ruins!

Ruins are everywhere in Ireland!
Every city has at least one and they dot the countryside everywhere you go. We saw them along the country roads, along the motorway, and in farmers' fields. Most of the time they were just hanging out in a pasture surrounded by sheep and cows. 

I find them so fascinating! 

These are some of the best!

Hore Abbey

Just gorgeous! 

 The Rock of Cashel.....just up the hill from Hore Abbey

 Absolutely stunning!

 The view was amazing!

 Most of the ruins had cemeteries attached. There were gravestone in this one from the 1600's....amazing!

 Found this along the Ring of Kerry

 Aughnanure Castle

Clanmacnoise Monastery 

 The cathedral.....beautiful!

The thing that I loved the most about Ireland was that history was all around you! 
For me the ruins were one of the best parts of the trip!

Come back tomorrow for the beautiful views we found along our travels!

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