Tough Decision

In one corner the Nook Color.....

And in the other, the Kindle.

I have succumbed to the e-reader trend.
As much as I love real books I have decided that I need an e-reader for China. Packing two years worth of books is not plausible and after reading some blogs it looks like English books are pretty hard to come by in the PRC. 

So....I need your help internets!
Which one would you choose?
Which one do you have?


Morgane said...

I have the Nook Color. I really like it! I do have to say that I read indoors a lot, so the glare of the screen wasn't a big impact in my decision. The touch screen isn't as great as apple products, but it's pretty good if you keep the screen clean. I'm not sure about the other choice, but nook can browse the internet, receive e-mail, and they've just added the ability to buy apps. Good luck in China, Savannah! Keep us all in the loop!


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about either (I know people who have each and they love them), but the Kindle is better for your eyes. Basically, the Nook Color is more like a computer screen and will cause eye fatigue/strain, and the Kindle has a different type of screen that doesn't cause eye problems.

But as an almost librarian, I'm not too keen on either. But that's more that I don't like eBooks, rather than a dislike for the eReaders themselves. (But I totally understand wanting an eReader rather than carrying 10,000,000 books to China with you.)

Can't wait to see which you choose! :-)

This is.. said...

Hey hon, I have the kindle app on my phone & have used Bri's kindle. I really like it. If you don't need the extra bells & whistles on the nook, this is a great, affordable option. (you need something to put the stories you will be writing onto!!)