Garage Sale Psychology

Last weekend we had a garage sale. We did the very American thing of hauling all our junk out onto our driveway and selling it to other people so they could add it to the junk they already have.

But, as we were hosting our sale some things were brought to my attention.

One, I watch the show Hoarders on A&E way too much. I found myself trying to figure out if the person I was taking money from was a hoarder or not. I tried to profile everyone that stepped foot on our driveway. Could that lady be one? How about her? Is that picture frame just going to go on top of a pile that is almost to the ceiling? Is that vase going to end up on the front porch with all the other garage sale finds, never to be touched again? In the end I couldn't really tell one way or another but it was fun to speculate.

Two, I take things way too personally. As we all know, anything in the retail industry comes in waves. You get a crazy load of people all at one time and then you get 20 minutes of nothing. Well, those 20 minutes of nothing really took a blow to my psyche. I took it way too personally. When people weren't there I felt as if they saw our signs and felt as though it wasn't worth their time. They stuck up their noses at our junk. And the worst thing of all were the drive-byers. They would drive by, slow down as if they were going to stop, get my hopes up, and then decide not to stop. What? Is our junk not up to par for you? Are you too good to even stop and get out of the car? I felt as though they were saying, "Nope, your garage sale isn't even the effort of putting my car in park and taking the key out of the ignition." Well, humph! See what I do the next time you have a garage sale. Will I stop? No! See how it feels then. Although, you probably won't feel a thing because you are not nearly as unstable as me and don't take strangers' opinions about your junk nearly as personally. But doesn't that make me the more interesting person? How else would I be able to write this oh-so-interesting post for the enjoyment of all who read my blog? [All two of them.]

In the end, garage sales: good for clearing out your house, bad for your mental health.

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Sarah said...

Maybe that lady-man who lives in my building with the truck full of junk and the 4 crutches stopped by and bought a lot of stuff! ;o)