This edition of Kidisms is brought to you by a very polite kindergartner. Part of my after school duty is car duty. I stand by the line of cars and put kids in their cars. Well, I was walking one boy to this car on Friday and I noticed that he was in kindergarten because of the finished project he was carrying. I remember helping my teacher do that project when I spent a semester in kindergarten.

So I was walking him to his car. He pointed to which one it was. The point was confirmed with a wave from Dad in the front seat. [Always look for the wave, it is the perfect confirmation for a not so confident kid.] I opened the door and he climbed in the car. He turned to me and said, "Thank you." I was a little taken back that a kindergartner just thought to say thank you to me in the car line. I said, "You're welcome." He turned to me again and said, "Have a nice day!" What? A kindergartner just told me to have a nice day. I don't even get that from most of the parents I see in these cars.

Thank you little kindergartner for re-kindling my hope for humanity. Thank you indeed!

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