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In honor of Veterans Day I had my kids make Thank You cards to send to troops that are currently deployed. They got really into it and we ended up with 35 cards just form my class. I sent out an e-mail to all the other second grade teachers and now I think we have almost 70 cards!

And they are too cute to boot! We brainstormed some things we could say in the cards and my kids came up with the best things: "You rock!" "Thank you for serving our country." "Stay safe." "Thank you for protecting us." "Thank you for keeping us safe." "Thank you for keeping us free." They are just too smart and sweet! They made me so proud when they came up with all these things on their own. Some kids even made pop-up cards! How cute is that?! I could have just made cards with them all day, they were having so much fun and really getting into it. One of them said, "Ms. Cole, I feel really good doing this. I could do it all day."

I am using the site,, to find addresses for service members overseas. One service member acts as a contact for their battalion and lists the number of males and females in their group. You request their address and the site e-mails it to you. Most contacts list little notes on their page with news and wish lists of their troops. It's a great site!

Did you thank a veteran on Veterans Day? What are you thankful for?

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Sarah said...

This is such a cute idea!