This week on playing favorites we are venturing to Hollywood and onto the silver screen and the Great White Way. This week my favorite thing was the movie Paper Heart. In Paper Heart we see comedienne Charlyne Yi trying to figure out if love is real and if she will ever find it. She is convinced she will never find it, she may even be incapable of loving someone. But, love strikes her when she least expects it. Part documentary, part romantic comedy, with a little stop motion animation thrown in for good measure, Paper Heart is a hilarious and amazing movie. A great date movie or just a movie for when you need a laugh.

And now....I give you the trailer!


Kristin said...

I so wanted to see this in the theater bu the hubs vetoed it. Boo!

Savannah said...

It's definitely worth ditching the hubs and going with some girlfriends! I think it may even be out on DVD now so you could force him to watch it! ha ha