I almost forgot!

We booked our trip to NYC!! That's right, Big Apple, here I come. Oh to be a college graduate and have the most wonderful parents ever! NYC has to be one of my favorite cities of all time, a close second to London. I am super excited to be going when we are too! The week before Christmas! I have never been to the city during Christmas time! All the store will be decorated for Christmas and the tree in Rockefeller Center will be lit! I'm hoping for snow. Fingers-crossed.

We are staying in a very posh and swanky hotel. Sofitel on 45th St. We got a great deal! [It's French, that makes it automatically cool and trendy don't ya know.]

How quickly will we get bad looks for being the touristy tourists that we are?

Well, I'm trying to make us be as un-touristy as we possibly can while we're there. We have been there a few times so we're practically like real New Yorkers, right? Yeah, I didn't think so either but we can dream. Anyway, I looked up a bunch of restaurants to eat at that aren't your normal tourist places. None of them are in Times Square. I prefer to go to places that locals go to. It's the best way to see the city, any city, in my opinion. We are only going to be there for three days and I'm not gonna waste it in the T.G.I. McFunster places [as Anthony Bourdain would say].

We have a bunch of stuff already booked. A night tour that specializes in holiday lights [how p.c. are we], of course Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the new Ground Zero museum, Empire State Building, the U.N., etc. My dad is going to try to do a ride along with NYPD while we are there [so jealous by the way]. We can't leave without seeing a show? But which one to see? Any suggestions? I'm really hoping for Mary Poppins! I never got to see it when I was in London.

I'm going to try and blog as we go along to keep you all up to date with our galavanting. How else am I to make you all envious and green with jealousy?

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sarah said...

JEALOUS!!!! Can I come, too!?!?

PS-I love the new layout. Super cute! :o)