I have recently discovered hats as a fashion accessory. I know, where was I, under a rock?!?!
I have never been one for hats, I never thought I looked cute in them. Until.....I found this little cutie!

[thank you photobooth for the chic background!]

I was at Target last week and me and my mom were looking for winter things for our upcoming trip to NYC [squeal!], and I decided to give this hat a try. It turns out that I love it and it loves me. A match made in accessory heaven! So of course this now opens up a whole world of fashion choices for moi'! I of course hopped right on Google and got to are some of the contenders that will definitely be going on my Christmas list! [all under $ 50!!!]

My wishlist of hats (under $50)

Here is the 411:

Pink hat: $20 -
Purple hat with flower: $27 -
White pom-pom hat: $30 -
Black hat with bow: $12 -
Black beret with pearl details: $30 -
Purple hate with bow: $9.99 -
Blue hat: $8.80 -
Black hat with flower detail: $40 -

Do you have a favorite hat? Are you a hat person?

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Kristin said...

I've been dying for a sequin beret!