Imagine all the people...

Second day in NYC.....another great one. Although, no celebrities today.

We woke up and went straight to the Empire State Building. We went all the way to the 102nd floor! the view was absolutely amazing!!

After that we headed over to Central Park West and went to the Natural History Museum. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! And Dinosaurs too! And a life size blue whale too!!!

The Great Hall

For my kids...we did a two week unit on dinosaurs

A life size blue whale!!!

On our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art we walked through Central Park and paid a visit to Strawberry Fields.

The park was beautiful even though there were no leaves on the trees. We walked up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the amazingness that it is! I could have stayed in there for the rest of the day and been perfectly happy! They have everything....

Temples from Egypt

Period Rooms in the American Wing

And of course all the beautiful artwork you can handle!

My most favorite piece of artwork ever...Degas' Little Dancer of Fourteen

They had three rooms devoted to Degas...even some of his unfinished sketches!

Van Gogh

Monet - Parliament Buildings

I wandered around for a while looking at all the beautiful art but alas, it was time to go.

We took the subway down to Soho and stopped at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC. Tt was great! They gave you little audio guides that automatically play music depending on what you were looking at. Looking at Elvis' guitar, you heard Elvis. Looking at AC/DC school boy uniforms, you heard AC/DC. They had so many things, ranging from Buddy Holly to Grandmaster Flash!

They also had a great John Lennon exhibit. The exhibit was very well done and very personal. Many of the items in the exhibit were on loan from Yoko Ono. They had the iconic New York City t-shirt and his trademark army surplus jacket. They also had a section devoted to his fight against immigration, including his green card. They had videos playing that highlighted his relationship with Yoko and his son, their activist efforts, and their art films. They also had personal letters and hand written lyric sheets. The most moving part of the exhibit was a brown paper bag. In this bag, marked "patient's belongings", were the clothes that John Lennon was wearing the day he was shot. Yoko still owns them and has not taken them out of the bag. Yoko also still owns the bloody glasses John was wearing the day he was murdered. She has not cleaned them, 29 years later. Those glasses spent the days after his murder sitting on a table in their apartment at The Dakota. Yoko used a picture of them for an anti-gun poster.

The coolest thing in the exhibit was The Telephone for Peace. It was a white rotary telephone mounted to the wall. The sign next to the phone read, "When the phone rings, answer it. It is Yoko Ono. Yes, it really is Yoko." Yoko installed this modern art in the exhibit and she actually does call it. The employee there said that she calls once a week and she hasn't called yet this week. How awesome is that!!!

We were all tuckered out after all this sightseeing so we headed back to the hotel and their amazing beds, stopping for dinner at a local diner on the way.

Tomorrow I'm up bright and early so I can go up to Central Park and get pictures before the crowds descend. We also plan on seeing The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Ground Zero tomorrow. Good night all, sleep tight.


Sarah said...

It looks like you are having a great time! I'm totally jealous!

Kristin said...

Fabulous photos! You're making me so excited for my trip!