what more could a girl ask for?

This morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn [3am!!!!] to get on a flight to got to NYC!!! The early morning can be forgiven because of the destination.

After a long morning of flying we finally arrived...picture happy Savannah at this point!!!

We got to our hotel, The Sofitel. It is probably the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in and we have our own little mini suite which is awesome. But the best thing about the room are these beds.

These are the most comfortable beds known to man. And I should know, I'm blogging from mine right now! As my cousin Jessica put it, its like sleeping on a marshmallow!

We ventured out for lunch and then headed over to Rockefeller Center. The tree was all lit up and it was gorgeous! I got to play with my new camera a bit and I fell even more in love with it!

We decided to go and take the NBC Studio Tour. My parents and I had taken it before but my cousin has never been to New York. It's really neat to see all the behind the scene things. But, just wait for this story! As the tour was winding down our tour guides said that there was an announcement to make. A college-aged girl comes into the room and asks us if we want to watch Jimmy Fallon practice his monologue for the show tonight. He would be basically testing jokes out on our group to see if people would like them. Of course we said yes!!!! So about 30 minutes of waiting later...we went into the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon studio!! And there he was...Jimmy Fallon himself! I am a huge fan and there he was, right in front of me! He talked to us for a little bit and tried about 25 jokes, which were all hilarious. It was such a great surprise! It made our whole day! Only in NYC can that happen to you!

After the studio tour we caught a quick bite and then hopped on a Holiday Lights Night Tour on one of those red double decker buses. The city is beautiful at night, especially at this time of year!

Time Warner Center...Columbus Circle

Christ Church on Park Ave. cute!!!

Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building....all lit up for Hannukah

 The theme for Macy's windows this year is Miracle on 34th Street

So, what have we learned from this post: all a girl needs is a comfy bed, a beautiful city, and an amazing day to be on top of the world!!

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Mari-jane said...

That is so great! Thank you for sharing while in the midst of it all, it's the next best thing to being there!!