last day in NYC

I haven't gotten to this sooner...I am a bad blogger. We got back on Friday afternoon and I was soooooo tired! And today was sooooooo busy!

Our last day in NYC took place in lower Manhattan, mostly.

Me and my dad got up early to find a bridge in Central Park. You want the story behind this don't you? I knew you would.  A little bit ago, when we booked our trip, I found this great picture of a bridge in Central Park and I put it as my desktop on my computer.

My dad was determined to find that bridge for me so that I could take pictures of it. So on Thursday we got up early and went to Central Park before humanity descended. He did some research the day before on his handy dandy iPhone and figured out it was called the Gapstow Bridge. Then he found a map of the park that had all the bridges on it. So he found the cross streets for it and we made a plan. We found the bridge, without snow :( and I got to take pictures with my oh-so-wonderful camera.

When we got back to the hotel we headed out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was absolutely freezing but a beautiful day for sightseeing. Not a cloud in the sky.

And, since we were already in Lower Manhattan, at Battery Park, we took advantage and visited Trinity Church and Ground Zero. I have never been inside Trinity Church, it was absolutely beautiful.

They have a new memorial museum at Ground Zero. It is very well done and heart breaking. The room that got me was the one filled with pictures of all those that lost their lives. Floor to ceiling, the walls were covered in their pictures. I couldn't stay in the room, I was about to start crying my eyes out.

On Friday we got up bright and early to fly out. I didn't want to go. Usually by the end of vacations I am ready to go home, no matter how great the city was. But not New York, I absolutely love NYC and could have stayed there the rest of my life. I can't wait to go back!

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