Since when....

did Christmas become a week long activity?!?! I guess it comes with age. But seriously, it lasted all week!! 

On Monday my Uncle and his girlfriend came to town to stay until Wednesday. On Tuesday I worked all day for my mom and did some Christmas shopping. Wednesday was spent between work and home. I went to work in the morning to get payroll out then ran back home to do Christmas with my Uncle and his girlfriend. I then ran back to work to finish before the office had the annual Christmas lunch. Back to work after lunch followed by more Christmas shopping. The relatives headed out Thursday, Christmas Eve, morning. We did our presents on Thursday morning because my dad had to work all day Christmas Day. 

Side note: my presents were probably the most amazing ever! Besides the lovely, wonderful, perfect trip to NYC, my parents also got me a new lens for my new baby (my camera), and a record player! I've been wanting one for a while and it was a complete surprise. I didn't realize that they took me seriously! They also got me the fully re-mastered Beatles album from the Cirque du Soleil show Love. Now I have to start collecting albums! 

Back to our regularly schedule programming...

On Christmas Eve afternoon we went over to the house of my mom's most amazing friend from way back when, Mari-jane. She made us Christmas lunch. And boy, does she ever make the most delicious food! I'm not joking, she is wonderful and should probably have her own show! Not to mention her kids are terrific and the cutest things ever! She is really like my second mom, I love her and love being around her. 

Christmas Day was spent with my mom at the movies. It was rainy all day and my dad was working so it was the perfect day to spend 6 hrs. at the movie theater. We did a double feature. Sherlock Holmes and It's Complicated. Who knew the movie theater would be so crowded on Christmas Day. It appeared that the entire town was at the movies. But it is St. Augustine, there isn't much else to do. It's either the movies or the bowling alley. 

It's Complicated was hilarious, I almost choked I was laughing so hard! Sherlock Holmes was great. Beisdes,  who doesn't want to stare at Jude Law for 2 hours? I know I didn't mind it! 

Back to real life after Christmas and the job hunt continues.....

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